ABLE System

Able System® is the name given to the world’s only autonomous vibration analysis algorithm and a cloud-based system operates with it, to be used for predictive maintenance purposes in industry.
Able System® is designed to for autonomous vibration analysis in motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, turbines and any kind of rotating machinery, to detect failures at very early stages, preventing unwanted downtimes and reducing maintenance costs.
Able System® is the world’s only Industry 4.0 compatible vibration analysis method. Analysis is done by our patented algorithm on cloud, without any human intervention and machine learning. Results are delivered on a cloud-based platform which is called the Able Monitor®.


Machines that you want to monitor are tagged with RFID tags. These RFID tags contains informations like bearing types, number of fan blades, number of gears, all necessary information for a vibration analysis. The RFID tags become identification cards of your machines and measurement points.

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Vibrations are measured by our state-of-art design sensor, the Able Sens®. It is a 3-axial, digital, MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) sensor. This unique sensor allow us to send vibration data directly to our algorithm on cloud, on-site. Able Sens® collects the vibration data in 30 seconds, transfers them to our handheld device, the Able Patrol®, and all are sent to cloud in seconds.

Our portable device Able Patrol® is also a RFID reader. We read the necessary info that is written inside the RFID tags on machinery, with Able Patrol®. This is how our algorithm which is an adaptive filter, can redesign its math, according to the specifications of measurement point.

Able Patrol® can connect to the internet via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The ultimate purpose of Able Patrol® is to transfer machine specs in RFID tags and also the vibration data from the sensor, in seconds. Now, the algorithm is ready to analyze.


Our patented algorithm, the Adaptive Impact Recovery® analyze s the data on cloud. It is the world’s only patented vibration analysis algorithm. What makes this algorithm unique is its ability to autonomously design its math according to your machine specs and deliver component specific analysis. Adaptive Impact Recovery® does not require any human intervention and the time required for an analysis is just 2 minutes.

Able Monitor® is our web portal that customers can monitor their machine health, keep track of their previous analysis and create reports. You can log in with your specific user name and password and see everything in a simple interface. No need for a training or an experience, Able Monitor® just tells you what is going on with your machinery and what to do.

Taking a measurement and getting the result with Able System® takes less than 3 minutes. When using the Able System®, you don’t need to be an expert on anything, trained, analyze or comment on any data. Able System® provides you the health status of every single component in your machinery, trend analysis and what to do in a very simple way.

How Can I Get The Able System™ ?

If you like to monitor your machinery on a periodic basis, you can purchase our portable device.

We can provide an online vibration analysis system by mounting our 3-axial digital sensor on machinery.

Without a capital investment, you can just purchase a periodic service agreement of which measurements are done by our engineers.