Our Story

Aziz Kubilay Ovacıklı was working as an engineer in a research and development company during his M.Sc. and Ph.D years in Sweden. When he brought the fruit of his research, the world’s one and only autonomous vibration analysis method, back to his home country Turkey; Tarık Uçar was celebrating his 10th year in his family business, a chemical company which is a distributor of a Fortune 500 corporate.

The duo, who were friends since secondary school years, were very different from each other in their fields of expertise and careers. Kubilay, who has been conducting academic studies since settling in Sweden in 2007, studied electronic engineering and specialized in signal processing. His working life in Sweden was spent as an R&D engineer at a Swedish research and development company. Tarık, who studied environmental engineering, chose genetics and biotechnology in his doctorate, in order to bring this knowledge to the field of life sciences after carrying out academic studies on membrane technologies. He had spent 10 years working in sales and marketing activities of his family company, in chemical industry.

They decided to cooperate to bring this unique technology to industry, quickly. Kubilay would assist in solving industrial problems by providing the required advanced engineering knowledge, while Tarık would be responsible for making this high-tech product accessible to the industry.

Their activities started under the roof of the existing chemical company. From electronic engineering to environmental engineering, chemical engineering to biotechnology; having knowledge and field experience in many different areas, the duo soon realized that they could carry out multi-disciplinary researches even among themselves. Their activities were taken to a new dimension; Solutions to Global Issue’s would be sought by making use of Industry 4.0 applications. The studies yielded their first fruits as they also entered the field of wireless communication. Kubilay's electronic knowledge and Tarik's experience in the industry will be combined to help creation of smart factories.

These high-tech products and services required considerable research and development efforts. They decided to move their activities to a technology development zone, a science park, in order to get the highest efficiency from R&D studies. All operations were moved to the Science Park of Namık Kemal University. Inspired from the words environmental engineering and electronic engineering, the name ENVIRONICS was created in referring to their multi-disciplinary working principle. The company was then named as ENVIRONICS APPLIED SCIENCES INC. to reflect its field of activity.