Able System® was developed in Sweden, by a team of experts specialized in signal processing, with the purpose of making vibration analysis technology compatible with Industry 4.0.

Conventional methods in vibration analysis were using analog sensors, creating the need for connecting to a local server or a computer. The math behind it was found in 70’s and requires human intervention for analyzing the data, training and experience. All results were subjective.

When creating the Able System®, our aim was to eliminate human intervention on vibration analysis, providing objective results every time in any condition, hence offering a completely Industry 4.0 compatible vibration analysis technology.

For the creation of an Industry 4.0 compatible system; instead of a vibration analysis expert, an autonomous analysis algorithm had to be designed. Moreover, this algorithm had to be on cloud, so we can provide the same quality predictive maintenance anywhere on the world. Another problem to be solved was; the sensor that we use for measurements had to transfer the data without the need of a local computer or a server.

Today, the autonomous algorithm we created is called Adaptive Impact Recovery® (the AIR®) and it is the only patented vibration analysis algorithm in the world.

The 3-axial, digital, MEMS sensor which collects the vibration data and directly transfer it to our cloud-based autonomous algorithm, is called the Able Sens®.

Able System® is the world’s only Industry 4.0 compatible vibration analysis technology…